Training Enhance Performance 

Training is an enlightening process that includes sharpening skills, thoughts, shaping perspectives, and obtaining more knowledge to improve employees’ performance Training is not just about imparting information to employees. It is a process to reveal the best out of each employee to help them perform efficiently and effectively. It is a long-term process which prepares a human being to perform in the best possible way to improve an organization’s or personal performance.

“If you want to reach new heights of success, you have to learn new ways of developing your self, that is the law of nature.” 


How Dr. Tushar Jagtap Will help?

Apart from medicinal science, Dr. Tushar Jagtap had an excellent vision for training and developing youths, corporates, and various life skills techniques. He had a mission and vision for imparting knowledge to society.

The road to success is through soft skills – Tushar J. Skillset is the combination of social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, mindsets, career attributes, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence.

Training Benefits By Dr. Tushar Will Re-Charge Your Team:

  • To acquire new skills and knowledge
  • Elevates performance and productivity of oneself and teams
  • Keeps motivated and improves contribution level to organizational growth



It is proven to drive to greater motivation for learners.


Develop work ethic and productivity with learners.


Encourage innovation & Support Transformation.

Trainings Conducted By Dr. Tushar-


Growth Mindset Workshop

The Growth Mindset workshop was to explore your mindset and discover how to counter the day-to-day challenges. This workshop is suited for Managers as well as leaders.

Participants in the Growth Mindset workshop will learn:
Building growth mindset
Strengthening the brain
Learning by exploring, practicing, and experiencing
Encouraging growth from the productive effort
Mediums for creating a growth mindset
Forming methods for promoting an assertive climate for Team Members


Communication Skills Workshop

Communication Skills Workshop –
In this workshop, members will be learning practical tools to sharpen their skills in an encouraging environment. We will be customizing each workshop to meet your specific goals.

The Communication Skills Workshop Benefits –
Explore the best approach to structure your communication (based on the given audience).

Recognize why some communication methods work
Identify the best kind that makes your presentation appealing


Emotional Intelligence Workshop Benefits

Great leaders are emotionally intelligent and reliable, and they are not intimidated by others disagreeing with their views. They do not become merely defending or offended, and they acknowledge their worries supporting others to do likewise.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop Benefits –
Understanding the benefit of heightening their emotional quotient
Recognize and evaluate the components of Emotional Intelligence
Identify and examine their attitudes, sentiments, and impulses, as well as their impact on others


Soft Skills

Having a team member with great soft skills is always good for
business. We tailor all the soft skill workshops to ensure that the key
topics are covered.

Our trainer of soft skill workshops fills in the gap, presenting
fundamental training on everything from email etiquette and
emotional intelligence to what it intends to have a great work ethic,
explain teamwork and leadership.


Leadership Skills

Leadership training inspires managers and leaders to: Find new,
innovative ways of developing and leading people. In our Leadership
Skills Workshop, you will be learning powerful components of
leadership, along with how to build a strong foundation for future
This workshop is a highly-interactive program and will provide you
crucial skill sets and techniques for your managers. As per your
demand, we can also customize your Leadership workshop.


Team Building

Are you looking for a tailored team-building workshop?
Dr. Tushar Jagtap will be helping you out in creating high-performing
teams. We know how to help businesses of all types build these skills
in their workforce. Our Team building workshops explore how
members contribute to successful teams through their efforts. We
teach the skills needed for team members to gain on each role and
work actively as a team.

If you want to improve your skillset or increase work productivity,
Dr. Tushar Jagtap has the means and knowledge to help you out!
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