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Dr. Tushar Jagtap is a Dermatologist, counsellor, coach and a speaker in transforming human lives, his sessions speak about the inward self-journey. He has an in-depth understanding of the issues that impede success and is adept at diagnosing problems, identifying root causes, and providing real-world solutions. He uses his expertise to develop practical strategies for change in lives and businesses.

He provides one on one, groups and corporate training workshops for the growth of organizations & also offers an extensive range of counselling solutions that cater to Humen concerns.


Dr. Tushar believes each one of us has tremendous potential to achieve dreams, goals and visions.  Every individual needs a personal support system to overcome any challenges. He offers his services as an iconic coach to help individuals unlock their potential and achieve their goals.


 Dr. Tushar is a highly experienced trainer. Helping individuals and organizations to overcome barriers by working on the right aspects of their personalities, and mindsets. He takes training sessions to improve performance, productivity, leadership skills, etc.


Dr. Tushar has a unique approach to counselling, which is why he can guarantee all his patients a positive experience. He has been in the business for more than 30 years now. Dr. Tushar is a renowned Dermatologist, psychologist, cosmetologist and the counsellor.

Your Growth Is My Priority

The Key to bettering performance is a true understanding of who you are, what your values are, and what drives you – that means taking total control over your mindset. Dr Tushar will help you unlock the power within yourself so that it fuels your success.

Training Modalities Used By Dr.Tushar

Dr. Tushar has worked extensively with working professionals and students from various colleges and universities to help them create their own path towards success by building customized training modalities.

Customized Program

Concrete Action Plan

Rapid Growth

Drawing on my own Experience

Promoting an open conversation


Dr. Tushar Jagtap has excellent advice and tools to unleash your potential. His workshops on BEING ICONIC are well received by many.



The Teamwork workshop conducted by Dr. Tushar Jagatap was efficient, compelling, and result-oriented.



Many thanks for a Being Iconic workshop; it was motivational, informative, and educational. Dr. Tushar put in a lot of thoughts across in an appealing way.


Dr. Tushar Jagtap

Masters Diploma in training and development.

Dr. Jagtap is an accomplished dermatologist, cosmetologist, trichologist, and counselor for the last 30 years. Apart from the medical field, Dr. Jagtap is quite a multifaceted personality.  

  • Elected senate member Mumbai university 2000-05
  • He is former board of Member of board of trustees, prince of whales’ museum (CSMVS).
  • Formerly member telephone advisory committee (MTNL main)
  • Member of IADBL
  • Member of MIG cricket club
  • Member consultant association of Mumbai
  • General secretary TN medical college & BYl Nair hospital 1987-86
  • Founder of Maharashtra help organization & social aid centre
  • Member university budget committee
  • Member Mumbai university annual report committee
  • Member Mumbai university fact-finding committee
  • Member Mumbai university flying squad

I’d Be Happy To Help! 

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“I want to tell you a bit about myself”

Hello, I’m Dr. Tushar Jagtap. I want to tell a bit about myself — I am a Dermatologist and a Motivational Speaker based in Mumbai. Though I’ve chosen an unusual path to become a Speaker, it’s the journey that has made all the difference. And I would like to share my wisdom with you all!

Tailoring Programs to Your Needs

Are you looking to inspire your team, motivate and empower them? or Do you want to regain that sense of purpose in your life?

Then book for a motivational workshop. He presents his program in a way that is personal, interactive, and engaging.

So, if you want to do something different for your next event then book today!

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